What You Need to Know as a Tourist in Singapore

City in SingaporeSingapore has seen a rapid increase in tourists over the past couple of years. This is not surprising though, as it is a very beautiful and advanced country.

They take immense pride when it comes to their tourist attractions, as there are hundreds of interesting places to visit in Singapore.

If you are deciding on taking a trip to this city-state, then go ahead and read this guide to make sure your whole trip will be stress-free and enjoyable.

Duty-Free Rules

Singapore has lots of strict rules, which is why it is one of the most disciplined and most advanced countries in the world. Knowing your duty-free rules will help you avoid paying huge fees, especially when it comes to bringing in alcohol or liquor.

The good news, there are many bars and places to drink in Singapore, especially in the island of Sentosa. You can even go to one of its beaches like Siloso Beach and have fun in one of its beachfront clubs.

Be Law-Smart

Read up on the most common laws in Singapore and be a good, law-abiding tourist. Spitting on the street, jaywalking and throwing away used cigarette butts are all considered serious offences in this city-state.

If you do not want to be inconvenienced or pay a fine, then avoid doing these things while in the country.

Tipping is not Required

Most restaurants in Singapore will charge you a 10% service charge and 7% GST on top of your total bill. The tip is supposedly included in the restaurants’ service charge, so there is no need to give an extra tip.

Hairdressers and taxi drivers pretty much will not expect a tip from you and will even give you the exact change.

Read up and be informed before visiting Singapore to avoid ending up in stressful situations. Remember, you are here to enjoy your vacation. So enjoy your trip and have a wonderful time!