Ways to Save on Weddings

Wedding SignageIn this day and age, weddings do not have to cost as much as it used to, all thanks to smartphones, e-invites, and budget bus hires. All you have to do is invest in a little effort and creativity.

Experts say an average wedding in Australia can cost more than $30,000. According to IBISWorld, over 50% goes to the wedding guests, in the form of food, alcohol, and venue.

Need help? Here is how you can save with some common sense and lots of creativity.

Create your own wedding invite

Printing and posting hard copy invites can cost a bomb. More often than not, they are disposed of soon as the wedding is over. Plus, printing colours can be deceptively difficult to control. You can create e-invites with exactly the colours you want, and they look better on the screen too.

Even “old-schoolers” like your aunt and grandparents have smartphones these days.

Do you really need a photographer?

Smartphones have amazingly hi-res cameras these days, and any of your guests can be your photographer. Create a hashtag for the wedding so everyone can contribute to your online wedding album. You might just see some of the most unexpected shots.

Save on decor

If you are planning a small intimate wedding dinner (for, say 20 people), whisk them off to a readily decorated venue like a hidden resort in the Blue Mountains for a patio reception. While you’re at it, charter a Sydney bus hire like that offered by Concord Coaches and save on travelling costs as well.

Travelling together on a short road trip can be fun too and less tiring on your guests. You can even serve cake on the journey back.

Pick a DJ over a band

DJs are way cheaper than bands. And they do not take away the boogie from the party. Know your guests well and pick the songs that you know your guests will get up and dance to.

When all else fails, elope. Escape to an exotic island with your bride/bridegroom and a few of your besties for a secret wedding. It‘s just for a few days. No one would notice you were gone.