Ways to Look Approachable

Woman Smiling

Thanks to science, even looking approachable now has a certain formula. Do you feel like people are always afraid to approach you most of the time? Maybe it is the way you talk, the way you dress, or even your face – without doing anything at all.

So how do you make yourself approachable? Here are four sure ways that even science backs up to make you look friendly that you can try.

Have pearly white smiles

Smiling is your best asset to look approachable. But pearly white smiles are better and evenly spaced teeth make you look more attractive and approachable than people with coffee-stained teeth.

If you do not have those pearly whites yet and you are now conscious of your smile, having some procedure for teeth whitening here in Walsall might be in order for you.

The “extra hairs” are a turn-off

For women, well-trimmed eyebrows do a miracle in changing their look. For men, beards may be the reason why not all people are comfortable to approach you.

The University of British Columbia conducted a study and found out that while a smile works wonders for women, men should have more swag and even look broody to make them attractive and approachable.

But it is a no-brainer that keeping those extra hairs off your face would be a good habit lest they become a turn-off to some.

Healthy looking skin is a must

Nobody wants to approach somebody who looks wan and unhealthy. That is, science says that people with glowing skin are more approachable. So yeah, eating those tomatoes and slapping some moisturising lotion onto that skin would do much in making you look more attractive.

Wear your confidence like a second skin

Of course, you have always heard that having confidence is good for you. Craig Malkin, a Harvard psychologist, also said that confident people behave in a way that people tries them. If you are confident, you will be more open with your body language, keep eye contact with people and naturally become a people-magnet.

So what do you say? Are you already doing these four easy things? In any case, the tips above could help you achieve your goal to look approachable.