Types of Pumps Used in the Mining Sector

Men working on the pipesMining is one of the oldest industries in the world. In the past, virtually everything in the mining industry was handled manually. With time, the industry has gone on to adopt major technological advancements.

Among the critical machines used in mining today is the pump. Pumps are used in various applications to make mining less time and energy consuming. There are different Selwood pumps available specifically designed for the mining sector, notes Toolkwip Pumps. Here are some of the pumps, which will make a significant difference in your mines.

Slurry Pumps

These are peristaltic, radiating or submersible pumps used to conduct semi-liquid mixtures including thick and rough ones. Slurry pumps have the capacity required to deliver steam under high temperatures and work under considerable weight without damage to their interior components. They also come in different metallic or elastic coverings suited for various mining environments.

Diaphragm Pumps

These are air-operated pumps used in mining applications in which electric power is inaccessible. They are the choice pumps inflammable and dangerous zones. Diaphragm pumps are ideally used for dewatering of underground coalmines, substance exchange, nourishment fabricating and in cases where very thick fluids or those with high solid content are being pumped.

Dewatering Pumps

These submersible pumps are typically used to dewater mines. The water they are submerged in additionally acts as a cooling agent for the engines of these pumps. Like power lines, dewatering pumps are airtight to negate the possibility of liquids getting into them.

The returns from an investment in the mining sector are considerable. The amount of your profits is primarily influenced by the technology employed. With the above pumps, you are sure to reap big from the mining sector. You can also opt to customise various features in your pumps to make them better suited for your application.