Tips for Maintaining a Scooter

Woman riding a scooterYour mobility scooter takes you places, so it’s crucial to return the favour. The best way to keep your equipment running is to maintain it. Perhaps you have found the perfect mobility equipment for your needs, and you even have the ideal scooter lift and ramp. Mobility scooters can serve you for several years if you service them properly. Here are some maintenance tips:

Regular Inspections

Regardless of how diligent you handle your scooter, there are mechanical problems an ordinary person can’t fix. As such, yearly inspection can help pinpoint problems you might not have spotted or noticed with your equipment. Don’t hesitate to visit several scooter repair shops to find competitive repair quotes.

Battery Maintenance

A faulty power supply makes a scooter nothing more than an unwieldy paperweight. You can ask your equipment dealer about its battery type, but make sure you understand its maintenance schedule. Some batteries can be recharged as often as possible, while others should be disposed of after use.

Read the Manual

While this seems like a simple, you might be surprised by how reading the manual can help keep your scooter at prime conditions. It usually spells out the proper maintenance schedule, and taking the advice of the equipment manufacturer can save you a lot of money and time.

Your scooter can serve you for many years, but you have to give it the attention that it deserves. Routine inspection and servicing provide the mobility scooter with the boost it needs to take you wherever you want. You can hire a trained technician to service all the moving parts of a bike, such as enclosed mechanics and brakes. It’s ideal to repair your scooter on a yearly basis, but you can stipulate this as part of your insurance agreement.