The Exact Way SEO Can Help You Get Found on the Internet

a businessman workingSearch engine optimization (SEO) sounds foreign to most small businesses, and it’s no surprise why. Not all of them possess the technical skills that savvy digital marketers have, and when they happen to tap these professionals to help them out, a majority of them will not be able to explain in layman’s terms how they can really benefit from SEO.

They’re not to blame: SEO is a complex subject. For instance, Google considers thousands of ranking factors in evaluating your website’s rank-worthiness. Fret not, however, as this article has broken down all the details for you. Here’s how an SEO company from Denver can help your business build a strong brand presence online.

Keywords on your website get you found.

Remember when you wrote your college thesis, and you had to come up with a list of keywords in relation to your study? Website keywords are no different in that sense that they essentially give researchers—in this case, Google and your potential customers—an idea of what your website is all about. There are different types of keywords, from general to hyper-specific or locally targeted ones, and it’s just a matter of choosing the one that your customers are looking for to increase your chances of getting found by them.
Timely and relevant content gets you found.

Publishing fresh and informative content regularly helps boost your website’s rankings because it increases its relevance. It also ups your chances of receiving links from other publishers. This link is called an “inbound link” or “backlink” in SEO terms, and the more you have, the better. That’s because these backlinks further build your site and your business as an authority figure in your niche and the eyes of Google.

Technical website adjustments get you found.​

Website load time, design and many more in the backend need to be streamlined for your website to appear higher in search results. Larger images also need to be compressed or resized and reuploaded as bigger images slow down your site. This is why it helps to employ SEO experts to manage your site, as they are more likely to have a wealth of background in website development.

Overall, understanding how SEO can work for you isn’t so hard, so long as the details are thoroughly explained. Hopefully, the information in this article can help you avoid falling into the trap of choosing SEO service providers that don’t deliver.