The Evolution of Technology: Home Automation Solutions Used for Garage Doors

The Evolution of TechnologyGarage door openers are more convenient to use these days through automation. Companies offering garage door opener repair in Salt Lake City know about the mechanisms of modern openers. With the demands of automated features rising, garage door manufacturers turn to high-end tech.

The people behind A1 Garage Door share details about the following technology for garage door functions:

Amazon Echo

Amazon joins the smart home competition as it unveiled Echo, a cylindrical device that can support automation in a house. Its features may not be as high-end as other similar devices, but it can do several tasks and respond to user queries.

Among its task is opening garage doors with a simple voice command. Echo utilizes a special voice recognition system that integrates several microphones. It also works as a quality speaker with volume that can fill up a room, which is important if the device needs to respond to questions. Additional functions are turning on the lights and reminding homeowners when it’s time to take out the trash.


Siri became popular in the technology world as a smart voice assistant for Apple devices. Due to its function, many wondered whether it’s possible to use Siri for home automation. Apple announced that they are working on software that makes automation possible.

A recent report announced that Apple would be able to support automation and even activate garage doors through voice commands. The brand tied up with several technology companies to make automation through Siri possible.


Although Google is already a leader in the cyber world, the company announced about getting their hands on automation. Last year, Google announced its acquisition of Revolv, a home automation hub. It may not be as famous as other automation solutions, but it can open garage doors, play music, and do other similar functions. Google began to ramp up its development and production to join the smart home competition.

Home automation is now popular among property owners. Due to the number of parts used in the system, a homeowner must hire professional garage door opener services to ensure proper installation.