The 4 Most Common Methods in Laser Marking

Lighter With Laser EngravingLaser marking is divided into four different types — ablation, stain marking, laser engraving, and dark marking. These can all be performed on acrylic, paper, and fabric. In this guide, however, we’ll focus on its use for a known material, which is stainless steel.

Each marking method uses a distinct range of settings that create a certain mark of its own. If you want to use them for your business, you may want to read more about these stainless steel laser engraving methods:

1. Stain Marking

This is considered as a non-penetrating type of laser engraving that heats the surface of the material using a laser. It creates an oxide layer and, depending on the oxide layer’s thickness, it produces a color appearance on the steel’s surface. Aside from the oxide layer’s thickness, the grade of the stainless steel also has an effect on the color range.

2. Dark Marking

This tends to rough up the marked area and traps the pigment applied to the marked surface. You may sometimes wipe the color on and then wipe it off, which will help settle small amounts of coloring in the steel’s rough surface made by the dark marking technique.

3. Ablation Marking

This removes microns of thin layers of steel from its surface to build a light-toned contrasting marking. This also applies minimal heat to the steel’s surface without penetrating into the material. It also has a faster-marking speed and a lower laser output than other methods when stain marking or engraving.

4. Engraving

This creates a deeper mark compared to ablation, making it more durable and longer lasting when exposed to a harsh environment. Several lasers go through the material at different angles, giving it cleaner edges. The laser then forces to create a deeper marking until the laser beam starts to go out of focus.

Having one of the latest laser cutting and engraving technology can help boost your company’s manufacturing speed, especially when you’ve mastered its specific settings. Ask for referrals or check other sources to know more about lasers and where to get the best deals.