Taking Ignition Failures to Court

Faulty IgnitionIt’s been a few years since General Motors started recalling hundreds of vehicles from dealerships because of faulty ignition switches. This was a major blow to the company, only made worse by the fact that they were just getting out from under the stigma of the government bailout late in the last decade. It looks like things are going to get worse before they get better for GM too, as many plaintiffs are deciding to take the matter to the courts.

Taking Matters Into the Law’s Hands

When GM first began seeing signs that the ignition epidemic was a lot larger than anyone anticipated. GM CEO Mary Barra set up a multi-million dollar fund, dedicated to helping plaintiffs and victims of the incidents caused by their vehicles. But not everyone was pleased, as many people either didn’t qualify or thought they would fare better in court.

According to the claims, plaintiffs are positing that GM knew about the defects of the ignition switches in their vehicles. In addition, they accused the company of doing little to either fix the problem or make drivers aware that there was even a problem. Risking the safety of motorists, and potentially causing fatal risks to others.

There are several reasons why so many people are unhappy with the fund. Most of these reasons revolve around its qualifications, or lack thereof for some. Multiple sources are accusing GM of favoring only a small minority of claimants, which exclude people with relatively short hospital stays, but suffer severe disabilities as a result nonetheless.

The Legal Sequence of Events

People using the services of lawyers like the Olsen Law Firm, P.A. to represent them and seek compensation is the last thing GM wants to happen. It draws the process out over years of litigation, putting the company under an even brighter, harsher spotlight. But this is nothing new to the company. They have been in several legal mishaps over the past few years, which will take some explaining to iron out.

After the 2008 Wall Street crash, GM filed for bankruptcy a year later. Protecting themselves from any claims like the ones they’re seeing now. But the company managed to lift itself out of that hole some time in 2012. Disqualifying the company from bankruptcy inclusion, and allowing people to file claims again. The timing of these events are bad for the company, it almost makes people feel sorry for them. But we must remember the risks that drivers and pedestrians are being put at due to their fault.

The plight of a claimant is a difficult one; they’ll always be in a David in the Goliath situation. But with a little help and the right representation, just like David the plaintiff can come out the winner.