Step into the Scandinavian Fashion Movement

clog sandalsIt may not seem like the most fashionable place in the world. Anywhere that isn’t Paris, New York, Milan, or London gets lost in the background noise of the fashion industry, but Scandinavian fashion is making it big globally and gradually creeping into London style.

In every magazine, coffee shop, and around every corner, you’ll be surrounded by effortlessly cool Scandinavians in Swedish clog sandals, plain white tees, and Ray Ban wayfarers. These people can roll out of bed, throw on some denim skirts and white tank tops, and look like they have meticulously pulled an outfit together.

The Scandinavian Fashion Philosophy

Scandinavians can find the most contemporary and uniquely simple pieces that speak volumes without trying too hard. Effortless and minimalistic are the ethos of Scandinavian style. Their fashion has introduced us to a world where attention to detail is the main rule, along with high quality clothing and innovative approach to design. Check out Scandinavian online shops and you’ll get an idea of their fashion philosophy. Their casual and contemporary outlook can make even the fashion haters look in trend. It’s not just the Scandinavian stores that have reached the shores, English retailing has taken their fashion philosophy and are trying it out in the market.

The Scandinavian Street Style

In Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, you don’t need to prove your style credentials with designer labels when the ensemble is doing it for you. Always remember to use and combine textures, statement colours, and juxtapose shapes and cuts to bring an outfit to life. With all these talks on practicality and minimalism, you might associate their style with the word ‘boring’. The people who live there, on the contrary, have an innate sense of how to combine textures, patterns, styles, and cuts to create ensembles that have real character.

There are more accessible brands and retailers boldly stepping into a gap in the market for the ‘effortlessly cool’ consumers where products, like Swedish sandal clogs, provide the same quality at more affordable prices. With this new fashion transition, one day Scandinavia will be at par with New York, Milan, London, and Paris.