Small But Smart Living: 3 Tips to Save Space

Vertical Storage SpacesSmall spaces have become a popular housing option because of their affordability to several aspiring homeowners. Whether you’re looking for a start-up pad or need a transient place to stay that’s near your workplace, small space living is now a permanent housing experience more than a trend.

If you’re looking to get yourself a slice of the high-rise life, here are a few home storage and decorating tips to keep in mind.

Use Vertical Space

When buying mobile storage shelving or any kind of cabinets, some people forget to make use of vertical spaces in a home. Vertical storage is a smart idea that can stack furniture pieces to conserve much-needed floor space. This works great in areas like the kitchen and adds a sense of organisation to the space.

Opt for Open Storage

For some people, small spaces like condominium units are just temporary homes. With limited storage space for these home spaces, one good way to deal with this is to use open shelving. Storage spaces with rollers can easily be wheeled to the desired area, and these won’t require any mounting on walls. This is a great convenience for not only temporal dwellers but also those who want to mix up styles ever so often.

Have Folding Furniture

Folding furniture may be the best friend of anyone with little floor space. With the rise of high-rise housing options, learning to live within a small space has become a priority for younger homeowners. Folding furniture is ideal because it lets you set up a workstation—be it in the kitchen or a home office—and fold up after use.

Having an efficient space is not just about the size of the floor plan. With a well-thought-out design and carefully curated furniture pieces and storage, your tiny home will offer all the space you need.