Ships 101: 4 Kinds of Ships and Their Uses

Two men and a big shipYou may have wondered how a ship stays afloat, or how many kinds of ships there are. Being way larger than boats, ships are used mainly for mass transport. This means that they can carry lots of heavy loads from one place to another over long periods of time. Regular maintenance is needed for these ships to continue such heavy-duty work regardless of their type.

1. Tankers

Tankers are ships that carry gases and liquids, some of which could be environmentally hazardous like oil fuel. Workers use polyurethane coatings for steel pipes on the ship’s body, which prevents corrosion caused by chemicals. Any corrosion could cause the chemicals to leak from the ship unto the sea, much like oil spills.

2. Coast Guard Ships

The coastguard is the organization of a country that is responsible for security matters relating to the sea. Coastguard ships could apprehend illegal fishing boats, or ships carrying smuggled goods. They may also do search and rescue efforts or ensure that passenger ships have safe trips.

3. Cargo Ship

A cargo ship carries goods and materials from one port to another. These are usually part of the international trade or simply one that you ordered abroad and shipped for delivery.

4. Ferries

A ferry or a passenger ship transport people and vehicles from one place to another. These ships could be used in places wherein an island is relatively close to the mainland. An example would be the Staten Island Ferry, which transports you from the island to nearby New York City and vice versa.

Ships come in several kinds with their respective purposes. It could be for industrial purposes like tankers, security purposes like coastguard ships, or commercial purposes like ferries. Whatever the purpose of a ship may be, it is a valuable mode of transport that needs care and maintenance for it to last long.