Proactive Steps to Protect Your Roof from Damages

roofing contractorsKeeping the condition of your roof in check should be one of your top priorities in terms of home maintenance. This way, you can spot any problem before it becomes a major disaster. While you can always call a professional roofing contractor in Staten Island, NY to do some repairs, it still pays to take some preemptive actions. Here are some things that you can do to protect your home’s roof from damage.

Clean your gutters

Gutter cleaning is a simple chore that can prevent major roof damage. When done regularly, it can keep molds from growing and help you maintain the integrity of the roofing structure. Gutters are usually made of aluminum and galvanized iron. Some are also made out of plastic. If you’re going to use a ladder to access the wall, make sure to place it against a sturdy support, not against the gutter itself. Otherwise, you’ll just bend or break the gutter and cost you more in repairs.

Check the gutter’s installation

Inspect the angle of both your roof and the gutter. The gutter must be placed in a way that allows water to collect inside the gutter instead of flowing in front of or behind it. Make sure that it is also attached properly to keep it from being pulled from the roof by strong winds or heavy snow. The strength of the gutter pulling from the roof may damage the roofing structure or shingles. If this happens, look for an expert roofing contractor in Staten Island NY and ask them fix the problem immediately.

Cut down overhanging branches

Apart from cleaning the gutter regularly, cutting down overhanging branches can help maintain the condition of your roof. Houses with overhanging trees are at risk of suffering from damaged roof and gutters, as fallen leaves are likely to build up and block the flow of water when it rains or snows.

Don’t wait until a leak occurs. Inspect your roof at least twice in a year or after heavy storms. When you see any sign of damage, contact a professional roof repair service provider to take care of it.

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