Point of Sale (POS) Key Injection Services: A Complicated Process

Every enterprise or organization has different aspects that work together to achieve its vision-mission. One of the factors, however, that isn’t discussed as fervently as finance or innovation is security. A Need for Interconnection Many aspects of

Apple Ranked World’s No. 1 Brand

Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands list named Apple Inc as the world’s top brand, ending Coca-Cola’s 13-year run as the most valuable brand on the highly regarded yearly list. Tech brands continue to dominate Interbrand has a

Proactive Steps to Protect Your Roof from Damages

Keeping the condition of your roof in check should be one of your top priorities in terms of home maintenance. This way, you can spot any problem before it becomes a major disaster. While you can always

Justice Department To File Lawsuit Against N.C.

The Justice Department is going to file a lawsuit against North Carolina over tougher new voting rules that tightens election procedures, including requiring photo ID to cast ballots. Stricter voter ID According to a source briefed on

Livin’ La Vida Liverpool

Where do sports fans tear their heads off, lost in the choice of two Premier Division Football teams? Where do steeple chases kick off, and which streets do ladies swoon over the footsteps of the world’s most

Improving Cash Flowthrough Payables, Receivables, and Budgeting Software

In business, success is not always about how much you gain; it’s all about how well you take care of your gain. Here are tips to make sure you’re managing your cash flow the right way. Schedule

Depression, Fatigue, and Stress: How Emotions Affect Driving

Most drivers are aware that cell phone use and drinking may affect driving. They know these habits can rob them of much-needed attention and distract their focus, increasing the possibility of road accidents. Only a few of

Starbucks Requests Customers To Not Bring Guns

Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz is asking customers to not bring guns into its stores amid an increasingly debate over US gun rights in the wake of multiple mass shootings. Guns unwelcome, though not banned Schultz claimed

Microsoft Wants To Buy Your iPad For Gift Cards

After recruiting Siri to bad-mouth the iPad, launching an iPad comparison site, and picking on the iPad mini, Microsoft is not yet finished as it now wants to buy your Apple tablet. The Surface maker has launched

FTC To Go Through Changes Proposed By Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission has said that it will look into a set of policy changes that have been proposed by the social media network, Facebook in late August. The agency mentioned that the inspection process is

Twitter Says It Will Go Public

Twitter, an online social media network has finally decided that it would go public. However, the manner in which it will do so would be such that it would keep most of its business details private for

Israel Skeptic Over Presidential Elections In Iran

Israel has expressed some skepticism over Western hopes that the election of a new president in Iran would reduce tensions regarding the country’s nuclear program. In fact, Israel asserted that Tehran, despite a new president, still remained

Flooding In Colorado, Mountain Town Cut-off, 3 Dead

On Thursday, heavy rains lashed down mountainsides in Colorado. The wall of water effectively cut-off remote towns, forced the state’s largest university to call a shut off and left at least three people dead in its wake.

Kerry Takes A Tough Stance With Russia On Syria

Opening a quickly convened meeting with Russia, US Secretary of State, John Kerry assumed a tough tone when speaking on the issue of Syria giving up its chemical weapon stockpile. Kerry simply rejected a Syrian pledge to