Must-Have Equipment for Fire fighters

Fireighter in his gearThe Southern California wildfires that started in December last year remains as a grim reminder of the dangers of fire. Over 1,000 homes were razed by the flames, not to mention the animals affected and the mudslides caused by rainfall on burned mountains. Fire fighters used their expertise and their tools, such as hoses and pipes, to extinguish the massive blaze. Here’s a closer look at what they have to prepare in cases of fire.

Fire Hydrants

Polyethylene or PE electrofusion fittings can be used in water pipelines for fire hydrants. A hydrant is a stationary tool that can pump water to fire fighters once they connect their hoses to it. The pipes used for hydrants should be connected properly by fittings so that leaks won’t happen.


Hoses are flexible tubes used to spray jets of water at an area, usually those that are on fire. Hoses have to be flexible so that they can be aimed anywhere, and they should be resistant to leaks so that they can carry loads of water without breaking.

Fireproof Suits

Because fire fighters have to enter areas that are on fire, they’ll have to wear protective gear to avoid getting burned. Fireproof suits are made of materials resistant to heat while allowing the wearer to stay relatively comfortable.


Buildings razed by fire could collapse any minute due to their weakened structural integrity. The same can be said for wildfires, in which tall burning trees could fall to the ground. Helmets should be worn by fire fighters, so they would avoid getting injured on the head by falling debris.

In summary, fires are dangerous to not only humans but wildlife and vegetation as well. Thanks to modern equipment like fire hydrants, hoses, and safety gear, fire fighters are able to quell fires effectively. Doing the job requires them to be responsible and ready. This is what fire fighters keep in mind and take to heart whenever the alarm rings.