Methods of Resin 3D Printing to Consider for Quality Products

man and woman discussing about 3D printerDo you want to carry out a 3D printing project but are unsure of how you should go about it? The first and important thing you should do is to get your raw materials from the right 3D filament manufacturers. You then can think about the material that you need to use to print your model and the technology to use.

One of these printing materials that are gaining popularity for their effectiveness is resin. Below is a description of the 3D printing process and methods using resin.


Stereolithography is the basic technology behind printing 3D models in resin. The process occurs in a resin-filled tank. A liquid polymer that is sensitive to ultraviolet light first forms the base. A laser beam then strikes sensitive parts of the model to create a hard material. 

Another polymer layer creates a second base, and the beam again strikes the model to harden the model further. The process goes on and on until you get a fully completed 3D model.

Types of Resin Printing

  • Transparent Resin: It is a suitable material if you intend to print a transparent and water-resistant model. The resin material here suits applications in small models.
  • Standard Resin: This resin creates models of high quality, but at a minimal cost, hence ideal for low-budget projects. This resin printing gives a translucent finish but with a smooth feel to touch.
  • Mammoth Resin: It suits applications where you need large-sized prints, and there are various ways to do that. The critical factor that is worth noting here is that mammoth resin printing does not compromise on the quality of the final product.
  • Gray Resin: It offers the smoothest finish among all other resins. Also, you can set the final finish to take different colors such as white, gray, brown, and orange. It is also easy to paint the final model.

Printing 3D models in resin create smooth finishes of high quality and with fine details. Therefore, this process allows for a high level of detailing and finishing after the final model processing hence a suitable method to print your models.

However, getting your printing materials from a reliable 3D filament manufacturer will ensure you every printing process is of the highest quality.