Market Growth and Innovation in the Septic Tank Industry

Septic tank installationThe recently released Septic Tanks Industry 2018 Global Market research report has listed the different factors that constitute the industry’s growth and trends until 2025. The report enumerates the various opportunities that can aid the further growth of the market. It aims to provide an international exchange of information regarding development trends, development status and landscape analysis.

Advancements in the Septic System

Experts from the Stony Brook University’s Center for Clean Water Technology, in partnership with experts from Florida and Massachusetts, recently installed a new type of septic system specially designed to diminish nitrogen in wastewater. The system utilises wood chips and layers of sand to treat the septic tank and reduce the production of nitrogen effectively.

Experts say high amounts of nitrogen lead to algal bloom and wetland degradation. Researchers aim to continue reducing nitrogen pollution to prevent water contamination. A nitrogen-reducing biofilter is only a piece of a trial program initiated by the Suffolk County to examine and potentially approve the use of the specially designed septic systems. The county aims to decrease pollution by at least 19 milligrams for every litre of nitrogen.

Pollution Reduction

Meanwhile, scientists working at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras have developed a way to utilise Prosopis juliflora to create a low-cost adsorbent to help remove organic compounds, nitrate and phosphate found in polluted water. The synthesis of activated carbon by using Prosopis juliflora biomass can reduce the overall cost associated with the entire treatment process.

The scientists carefully examined the surface characteristics of the activated carbon and analysed its hydrogen, carbon, sulphur and nitrogen content. They verified that the prepared activated carbon was effective in eliminating traces of various organic substances such as metronidazole, phosphates and nitrates.

The septic tank industry continues to see progress and growth. Keep yourself updated on the latest innovation in the market.