Kerry Takes A Tough Stance With Russia On Syria

kerry to russia and syria1Opening a quickly convened meeting with Russia, US Secretary of State, John Kerry assumed a tough tone when speaking on the issue of Syria giving up its chemical weapon stockpile. Kerry simply rejected a Syrian pledge to start a ‘standard process’ by handing over information instead of armaments.

‘That Won’t Do’

Very openly, Kerry declared that the Syrian plan would not do and added that ‘the words of the Syrian regime in our judgment are simply not enough’.

It was Russia’s plan to ask Syria to surrender its weapons which was a diplomatic solution to the US plot to conduct military strikes on the Middle-East nation in response to the gas attack allegedly conducted by the Assad regime last month.

However, while at first the Russian plan seemed all rosy, there are certain difficult details that must be worked out with Syria if the idea is to succeed.

In light of this, in his speech, Kerry kept alive the US threat to carry out a military strike, unless the turnover of weapons is completed by Syria.