Israel Skeptic Over Presidential Elections In Iran

Israel has expressed some skepticism over Western hopes that the election of a new president in Iran would reduce tensions regarding the country’s nuclear program. In fact, Israel asserted that Tehran, despite a new president, still remained committed to building nuclear weapons.

iran ambassador‘Unsubstantiated Allegations’

In response, Iran has lashed out against Israel’s comments stating that they are ‘unsubstantial allegations’ about a nuclear weapon program that is nonexistent. The Iranian envoy also said that Israel’s purpose of passing such comments was to divert world attention from its own stockpile of nuclear armaments.

Hasan Rouhani, the new Iranian president said that he would like to ease international confrontation over his nation’s alleged nuclear program and the world is now hopeful that the president would turn his words into action.

There are other nations too that are accusing Iran of using its nuclear program to make weapons, but Israel is the most outspoken among them.