Do Humanities Matter to Humans?

guitaristArt, music, dance, history, literature, communication—these disciplines are distinct from one another, but they actually fall under one umbrella concept. Together, they constitute what we collectively know as humanities. Sure enough, the collective aspect of these facets is something many people, especially students, hate. But, there’s more to humanities than dismissing them as something that’s insignificant.

Humanities are one of the things that propel the human civilization forward. One can easily say that they’re an important fragment of human existence. Merely saying these claims won’t make a naysayer believe in the worth of humanities.

Here are some insights to ponder on:

Cultural Appreciation

The fields of humanities help people understand others through the things they have in common. These include languages, histories, and customs. You can appreciate society’s aesthetic values by looking at their artistic works. The Studio Director says you can explore other people’s insights and emotions by listening to their music or watching their performances. There are a lot of things that you can look into to understand and recognize the value of other people’s ways of life.

Shaping Moral and Intellectual Senses

Humanities are what make people cultured. They are what made us distinct from animals. The dimensions and workings of different humanities have shaped our moral and intellectual senses. Through them, religions are born. Through them, the concepts of justice and fairness are developed.

Building the Future

Humanities teach people to sharpen their critical thinking skills. They help us reflect back on how the people in the past overcame different challenges. The contemplations people will have prepare them for the future; their realizations will make the world a better place to live in.

On the individual level, humanities help you understand the role you play in the society. Hard sciences and technology are incomplete when there isn’t a study of humanities to add valuable context. The disciplines humanities envelop are the concepts that interpret the reasons people thrive.