How to Keep Your Water Clean and Odor-Free

water being poured from faucet Drinking dirty and contaminated water is definitely dangerous to your health. It can also be hazardous even when used to shower or even wash your hands, as certain chemicals in the water can cause skin rashes and other health problems.

What Type of Smell Should You Watch Out for?

One specific smell can be a sign of hydrogen sulfide gas in your water — rotten eggs. The smell will be most noticeable when you’re running the faucet or when the heater is turned on, as heat allows the gases to escape into the air.

Asking for help from commercial water treatments in Fort Wayne is the way to go once you notice this problem. You wouldn’t want the people in your area or building to file a complaint about contaminated water, so you have to act on it immediately.

What Other Problems Can This Cause You?

If the levels of the hydrogen sulfide in your water are high, expect it to corrode certain metals. This can lead to your building’s bathroom fixtures to have yellow or black stains, which can be difficult to remove. Additionally, it can also affect the taste and appearance of the food you cook, especially if you use the same water to cook and wash your dishes with.

Why Does This Happen?

There are two things that can contribute to your water smelling like rotten eggs — decaying organic material and the reaction of sulfate to hydrogen sulfide gas.

How Do You Prevent This from Happening?

The answer to this is easy and simple: Have a professional install a water treatment system for your building. This will prevent harmful chemicals from entering the main source of water, giving you clean and potable water that’s both safe for drinking and bathing in.

Don’t want all these water problems? Call your local water treatment company today and ask them for a quote.