Here’s How to Add a Level of Awesome to Your Tabletop RPG

gameIf you’re starting a tabletop role-playing game (RPG) or you simply want to add another dimension to your battles — use miniatures. Miniatures make your game come alive and give your players a more detailed vision of the battlefield.

Setting the Stage

You can’t have a battlefield without a battle mat. Battle mats are surfaces lined with 1-inch grids. You can easily get one by finding a printer that offers large-format printing services. A 90 x 120 cm print lined with 1-inch grids should be enough for epic battles and large fights.

With a large battle mat, ditch every room that’s less than 8 x 8 squares. Give your players room to move about and manoeuvre around their enemies. For more memorable sessions, you can even print your terrain or dungeon into the battle mat, or you can just opt to have different mats for different terrains.

Enter the Players

Using miniatures for your players and monsters doesn’t need to be expensive. Find suitable photos online, size them to match your 1-inch grids, and print them on board paper. You can print them flat or standing up.

You can track distance, movement, and positioning with utmost precision with the use of miniatures. It keeps your players engaged and adds a bit of tension to your encounters.

Marking the Scene

It might be a little hard to keep track of multiple monsters, such as orcs and goblins, so mark their bases with legible numbers. You and your players can easily keep track of goblin 1, goblin 2, and so on.

Use plastic bottle rings to mark conditions, with different coloured rings corresponding to different effects. You might need to down a few sodas, but you probably do in your game sessions.

Using miniatures adds a sense of realism into your fantasy game. It keeps your players on their toes, and it lets you construct a more menacing and detailed encounter.