FTC To Go Through Changes Proposed By Facebook

facebook-appThe Federal Trade Commission has said that it will look into a set of policy changes that have been proposed by the social media network, Facebook in late August. The agency mentioned that the inspection process is a routine monitoring of the privacy practices of the company.

Changes have drawn Criticism

Although the changes are yet to take effect, they have already drawn much criticism from privacy groups that are concerned about how the largest social network in the world uses its users’ photos and other information in advertisements.

The FTC has received letters from 6 privacy-advocacy groups who say that the alterations in the policy would violate a settlement Facebook had entered into with the agency in 2011. As per the earlier settlement, the internet company had agreed to get explicit permission from its members before changing their privacy controls.

FTC has made it clear that its latest review is not a specific investigation into whether Facebook is following or violating the settlement.