Flooding In Colorado, Mountain Town Cut-off, 3 Dead

floodOn Thursday, heavy rains lashed down mountainsides in Colorado. The wall of water effectively cut-off remote towns, forced the state’s largest university to call a shut off and left at least three people dead in its wake. The rugged landscape had recently been gutted by fire.

Rainy Week

The whole week has been more or less rainy with up to 8 more inches of water having fallen in the area spanning from the south border of Wyoming to the foothills lying west of Denver. The cities flooded in the region include Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Aurora and Boulder.

Roads and highways have also been washed out or made impassable by the floods. Buildings have collapsed as floodwater poured into several homes in the region.

Among the various flood-hit cities, Boulder County appears to be the worst hit and Sheriff Joe Pelle said that it had been cut-off from the rest of Colorado. Pelle added that the disaster was not an ordinary one.