Essential Things Homeowners Must Know About Metal Roofing

Roofing contractors in Salt Lake CityDurability and reliability are two of the qualities that make metal roofing popular in America. It’s a low-maintenance choice and lauded by environmentalists as “green” or eco-friendly. This type of roof is the most energy efficient. It helps lower monthly utility expenses.

Veteran roofing contractors in Salt Lake City recommend metal to new homeowners not only because of the mentioned qualities but also because of ease of installation.

Here are a few things you may not have heard about it yet.

A new roof can be installed over the old one

Usually, shingle roofs have to be torn apart for the installation of a new setup. If you choose a new metal roof to replace the old shingles, there’s no need to remove the old one. The contractor must assess the current setup and determine whether the structure does not have major damage.

Over-top installation is possible because it’s lightweight and easy to assemble. If you hire specialists for an over-top installation, you’d be paying less on labor costs because the old roof need not be dismantled to make way for the new one.

There are different types of metal used to make roofs

When you imagine metal roofing, perhaps you’re thinking about rust-resistant galvanized steel. The material is low-cost, versatile, and available in different alloys. The zinc-coated galvanized roof is still the most commonly installed material. However, there are other types of metals used to make residential and commercial roofing installations.

These are aluminum and copper. Aluminum is the second most popular choice, while copper is less popular due to its cost. Nevertheless, if you want a roof that will last for hundreds of years, choose copper roofing.

The cost depends on many things. If you have already set a budget, ask a local contractor about available options.