The Dawn of Retail-Sized Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics Burgeoning medical clinics simply cannot keep a small office. People will continue to get sick, the ill can get worse and there is always room for improvement when it comes to healing people. All of these equate to a big medical practice, and those who do are stuck between renovating their current office or finding a prime location that will spur business and keep them in mind of the general public.

It doesn’t immediately scream professionalism, but clinics are snagging vacant mall spaces lately faster than they did before. There is a certain retail mindset in this trend, but it does make them more visible to more people. That can only lead to better things, and clinics that need to expand will find it hard to locate a better choice.

A Need for Better Customer Service

Bedside manner is critical in helping patients recover. But ironically, good customer service is something that’s lacking in the medical industry. It’s a long way to change every receptionist’s attitude to admitting new patients, but they can admit more patient. This way, everyone will have less time interacting and more time talking with the doctors. It’s pragmatic, but it’s efficient.

It’s a drastic change moving from an office-type clinic to an open facility, says Titus Contracting. It’s not just the patients increase; nurses, doctors and other hospital staff have to be in their game 24/7, because to drop off means someone in dire condition will have a less probability to live.

Minding the Business

Inevitably, the commercial side of clinics will have to decide some aspects of the operation. Based in a mall, it covers visibility, traffic and signage efficiently all in one. They have to pay more, however, for the opportunity. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop 9,400 clinics moving to malls.

Some malls are even courting medical clients because they make good clients. They commit to long-term leases and have good credit, providing more guarantee of profit throughout their stay. The Blockbuster strategy, its nickname, will become a prime choice in the near future as more walk-in clinics begin to open.

As long as the business remains a viable factor in the medical sector, it will drive facilities to more profitable locations. So far, they’ve leaned towards malls and it’s a continuing trend with no signs of stopping.