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A Complete Guide to Safe Product Shipment

From 2012 to 2015, there were 104 recorded cargo theft incidents in Canada and the United States. These thefts coincided with the three-day Labour Day celebrations during which a large number of freight trucks were on the

Effective Ways to Minimise Cargo Damage

Transporting cargo from one place to another is a risky job. As the carrier, you have a huge responsibility to the shipper and the consignee. You have to ensure that the goods arrive safely and in pristine

Work-Travel Lifestyle: Make the Most of Your Gap Year

You haven’t fully lived until you’ve traveled. And travel is more accessible than ever. You get to learn other cultures, expand your horizons, pick up basic foreign languages, develop life skills, and gain new experiences. However, finances

2 Things to Watch Out for When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

In a blistering hot summer or an icicle freezing winter, having an air conditioning unit that works makes life bearable, even comfortable. Nevertheless, like most electrical items, these units are susceptible to wear and tear, which not

Tips on How to Pack Sensibly Before Moving Overseas

You are moving abroad! Are you spending a lot of time calculating the cost of living in a foreign country you will soon call your home? It is well and good that you look into financial matters

The Causes and Effects of Downtime and Why it Matters

Despite advancements in workflow infrastructures, systems, and methods, many businesses still experience the occasional downtime. Whether the interruptions are short or long, any stoppages will have massive effects on your organisation. Some companies, especially those that use