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Millennials: The High-Enders

Millennials, the market that every brand wants to attract because they are growing to be highest-earners in the world. But Millennials are playing their own game. They love the high-end but not necessarily the luxury brands. Falling

Enter the Dragon of Automation: AI

As of February 2017, the Institute of Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) in New York has and renamed itself IRPA AI, expanding its focus on you guessed it – artificial intelligence. Its founder Frank Caale noted that intelligent

The Trending Architectural Practices in New Zealand

Is it not a given that architecture is amongst the variety of elements in a nation that creates an identity? In New Zealand, the architecture is predominantly a combination of European and Polynesian styles. The prevalent use of

Underwater Building Plans Advance in Virginia and Macau

Underwater construction became possible ever since technology like that of allowed people to build infrastructure below the ground and sea level. In Virginia, officials of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel have selected three bids for the construction of a

Essential Things Homeowners Must Know About Metal Roofing

Durability and reliability are two of the qualities that make metal roofing popular in America. It’s a low-maintenance choice and lauded by environmentalists as “green” or eco-friendly. This type of roof is the most energy efficient. It helps

Learning Values: The Value of Family Vacation

The family and community play a significant role in rearing up good citizens. Going on a vacation provides parents a chance to instill positive values to their children in a pressure-free environment. Family Values Many families spend

She Deserves to Have These 5 Outfits Photographed

This digital age encourages people to capture everything in photos, including their everyday wear. In the process of making photographs a daily commodity, some milestones in a woman’s life loses its lustre. Make it a goal to

Don’t Ruin Your Skin, Stop Doing These Things

The best prescription for a youthful and glowing skin is not all about fillers and injection. Supermodels and some of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces focus on a daily regimen that promotes healthy and beautiful skin. These women

Perfect Pairings: What to Wear to Enhance Your Eye Colour

Some women find it easy to wear clothes in different colours. They always look confident and cheerful whatever shade they’re wearing. Choosing a good outfit is something we should do every day, whether it’s for work or

All Eyes On You: 5 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Eyeglasses

Most girls who wear glasses find it so difficult to look their best when there’s something covering half their face. Specs should never steal from the beauty of your face. Here’s the good news—makeup can make all

Young Pop Star To Bad Boy: Justin Bieber To Face Charges Over Egg-Throwing Case

Pop singer Justin Bieber will be charged with criminal vandalism with regard to his egg-throwing incident, according to an unnamed source familiar with the matter. Troubled career It was claimed earlier this year that the 20-year-old star

Pharrell Williams Joins ‘The Voice’ As Season 7 Coach

Pharrell Williams is everywhere this year, and one of the proofs is his recent gig as coach for the seventh season of The Voice. Along with Other Acclaimed Musicians The Oscar-nominated and Grammy-winning musician signed on to

Frozen Pays Tribute To Donny Osmond

From a Mickey Mouse doll to a cameo by Rapunzel, fans have picked the Disney animated film “Frozen” apart for every subtle reference it has to offer. But, there’s one reference that’s escaped nearly everyone’s notice, and

Kanye West Says Critics Are Trying To Make Him “Look Like A Lunatic”

For the love of Yeezus! Kanye West recently gave a very interesting interview to Steve McQueen, director of ’12 Years A Slave,’ for Interview magazine. And it seems like Kanye feels personally victimized by certain people. He

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Announces Her Marriage

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, shared some good news on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. On the night of January 16, she posted a photo with the caption: “@nickdgordon #HappilyMarried SO#Inlove if you didn’t get it the