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Why It’s Better that SEO Companies Don’t Assure Guaranteed Ranking on Search Engines

The best way to earn a lot of money is to start your own business. Doing so, however, is never an easy task to take on. There are numerous things you have to plan, manage, achieve, and

Microsoft Project Server Serves Its Purpose in Project Portfolio Management

Your company should place a premium on centralized project planning management and this is where you can utilize the Microsoft Project Portfolio Management solution. Go over the list of benefits that Microsoft Project Server Cloud offers to

Remember These Tips to Design a More Responsive Website

The Australian Interior Design Awards recognise designers for their creative work. Web designers, though not receiving prestigious awards, get recognition when their design leads to higher sales. This is why, as a website owner, you should hire

Essential Data-Security Measures for Every Business

As the information technology landscape matures, some businesses become victims of digital and hybrid malware threats. Hacking and data mining become prevalent as digital intelligence grows as a potent tool across industries. A few companies like Microsoft

Creating a Bamboo Trail: 3 Ways to Avoid a Second Panda Hit

It’s here, it’s inevitable, and you can’t do anything about it. The new Panda 4.1, the latest of Google’s search algorithm, is finally here. It aims to crack down on thin and low quality content, and since

The Growing Integration of Health Kits into Apple App Stores

The recent preview of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus created noise in the local and international markets. Even on social media, avid fans and critics alike were publishing comments and their own take on the new

The Languages You Need for Your Website

A website is a necessity. Everyone’s running on the information highway, and getting left behind should not be one of your options. You realize that you need to keep up, but it’s always easier said and done.

Voice over Internet Protocol: Accessing Voice Communication Across the World

Communication plays a vital part in every business industry and aspect of life. With the emergence of modern technology, the communication between two individuals or among groups of people has become much easier. Experts have developed the

Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Laser System

Mirrors are important for laser systems, whether in the industrial, construction, or mining and tunneling industry, as these are ideal for collection, delivery, and general light routing. Not just any mirror will do. It needs to be

Taiwan Students Protest China Agreement

Hundreds of students in Taiwan stormed the government center to oppose disapproval of a trade deal between the country and China. A Call for Scrutiny According to a report from the BBC, the protesters argue that the

EU Upset Over Use Of Cheese Names In The US

As part of the trade talks between the two regions, the European Union wants to ban the use of European names for American-made cheese. European Identity The EU argues that names like feta, Gorgonzola, and Parmesan are

Paris Censors Political Street Art

The government of Paris decided to censor the political messages of a certain street art criticizing the local law against piracy “Hadopi,” a three-strikes law designed to protect artists. The law automatically imposes fines against file-sharers, and

Fall Out Boy Announces ‘Flappy Bird’ Clone ‘Fall Out Bird’

Pop rock band Fall Out Boy has jumped in the “Flappy Bird” bandwagon. Following the death of the original game in app stores after the maker decided he cannot take the fame, the band said that they

The Early Years of PBX Systems

It’s highly interesting to look at how PBX systems have developed in a relatively short period. As early as the 1960s, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone systems have been the common choice for many businesses. Through time,

Ukraine To Scrap Anti-Protest Law

Following a series of protests against the pro-Russian agreement and the anti-protest law under Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, the government has finally decided to scrap the harsh laws limiting the rights of Ukrainians to protest. Repeal This