How can a Cosmetic Dentist in Southampton Help?

Dentist and the patientA healthy smile is an important part of each person’s personality. Patients with stained, misaligned or chipped teeth often find themselves covering their mouth or losing their confidence because of the state of their teeth. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry is as important as regular dentistry, and often a few small procedures can really make a world of difference to someone’s smile and attitude towards life.

It can be easy to think that cosmetic dentistry offers no real benefits to a patient’s oral health, and is only used to help the aesthetics of their smile. In reality, cosmetic dental treatments have a wide variety of applications that can be used to repair dental issues and improve oral health issues. A cosmetic dentist in Southampton, such as the dental team at Smilemakers, can repair a number of cosmetic or functional issues related to teeth through teeth whitening, dental veneers and tooth-coloured fillings.

Teeth whitening

Over time, tooth enamel can become stained or discoloured. Some of the most common causes of tooth staining include coffee, tea, soda drinks, red wine, medications, smoking, and the natural ageing process. Teeth whitening is a great way to restore a white smile and erase years of staining.

Professional teeth whitening in Southampton can be achieved either in the dentist’s chair or at home. Power whitening involves the use of a special light that works in combination with the bleaching gel to whiten the teeth by several shades. Home whitening, on the other hand, involves the use of customised whitening trays along with bleaching gel over a period of two weeks or so. Both methods are safe and reliable.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are used to help patients cover imperfections by using strong shells that are shaped and cut to each individual tooth, and then directly fused onto the front of the damaged, discoloured or misshapen teeth by an experienced cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

Tooth-coloured fillings

An alternative to amalgam (metal) fillings, tooth-coloured fillings are made of a strong, composite material that is designed to match the colour of the natural teeth. Tooth-coloured fillings require the removal of considerably less tooth material in order to be stabilised, compared to their metal counterparts.