Bonded Lingual Retainers: the Keys to Preserving Corrected Dentition

Are you experiencing problems with compliance in wearing your plastic retainers? Does your busy schedule at school or work make it difficult for you to wear your retainers repetitively?


If you think that retainer noncompliance is a primary concern, then bonded retainers might be the solution to your problem. Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab offers bonded lingual retainers to preserve the corrected position of your teeth.


What Is a Bonded Lingual Retainer?


A bonded lingual retainer is an appliance in cosmetic dentistry that serves as an alternative to traditional fasteners. It is comprised of connected wires of stainless steel that are attached to the back surface of your teeth. A resin is then used to stabilize the retainer to the upper and lower surfaces of your teeth.


How Are Bonded Retainers Placed?


An experienced orthodontist places bonded lingual retainers based on the size of your teeth and oral cavity. An instrument is used to measure the specific length and width of your teeth to ensure that the device will tightly fit into your mouth. After initial disinfection, isolation of surrounding structures, and oral preparation, a resin is used to secure the appliance to your tooth.


Who Can Benefit from Bonded Lingual Retainers?


Bonded lingual retainers are useful for patients whose teeth are susceptible to severe malrotation. Since rotation within the tooth socket can alter the configuration of adjacent teeth, a sturdy fastener must be used to maintain corrected dentition.


This type of retainers is also advantageous among individuals with extremely sensitive gums and periodontal infections. Since bonded fasteners adhere to the back surface of the tooth enamel, minimal trauma to the gums is expected. In turn, this reduces the incidence of gum bleeding and infection.


The Bottom Line


Lingual retainers are necessary to maintain the corrected alignment of your teeth after wearing cosmetic braces. Without the regular use of fasteners, your teeth can revert to their original position. Therefore, it is crucial to wear a bonded lingual retainer to maintain perfect dentition.