Australia, How Much Water Are You Wasting?

AustraliaThe world is made up mostly of water – about 97% salt water, 2% glacier ice, and only 1% fresh water. This 1% is what everybody uses for drinking, heating and cooling, transportation, and other purposes. Billions of people are sharing that small percentage, so it’s a wonder why many are still careless about their water usage.

Australia is among the driest continents in the world and yet Australians use more water than other countries do. According to Clean Up Australia, an average Australian uses (and wastes) more than one million litres of fresh water every year. That’s the same as filling 1,000 Olympic-sized pools every day.

Small Repairs Matter

A single drop of water every second or two may not seem much, but it can be a big problem altogether. Imagine if your tap drips 24/7, it might collect a bucket of water overnight. Imagine if this is happening to your entire neighbourhood, too. These drops of water are a different matter anymore. If you don’t call for plumbing services right away, you’re not only increasing your water bills, but also putting stress to the environment.

Household Water Usage

Australian households use most of their water in the bathroom. They usually take 10-minute showers or even longer and use more than 91,000 litres of water. Every single drop leads down the drain, which is a waste. If people can simply limit their showers to five or seven minutes, then they can save at least 50 litres every time. The same goes for water usage in general.

Water is a basic need, so you should put every drop to good use. It’s possible to save a few litres overnight if you’re willing to take action. Start by changing your habits, then work your way to inspecting your home and hiring the necessary experts for help. You’ll appreciate how doing these can make a big change.