Aging in Place and Independently: Why it Matters for Seniors

Senior Couple on Bike RidePreserving independence during senior years is one important factor that can help older adults improve their quality of life. This is why most are reluctant to leave their current homes and wish to remain in their community as they continue to age. This setup also allows seniors to have familiar surroundings and retain control over their lives.

Losing Independence

Older adults, for the most part, prefer to age in place to avoid losing a sense of independence. This may happen when they choose to live in senior facilities or with other family members, as there is constant assistance in managing their daily necessities. The truth is seniors feel a lot more confident that they can continue living their own lives by satisfying their own basic needs without frequent help.

Help May be Needed

While there is no denying of the benefits of letting an older adult manage their necessities independently, this can become a problem for those with limited mobility or are slowing down. If an aging loved one needs frequent assistance with simple tasks, hiring a hired help is ideal. Senior home health care services in Appleton noted that is more advisable than convincing the person to move to a facility.

Comfort and Sentimental Value

It is important to remember that many older adults find comfort when they remain close to their home or possessions. This is especially true for those who have spent years collecting items with high sentimental or financial value. The idea of parting with items or even with the community that they have been attached to can make them feel lonely and terrified.

If you cannot assume the full responsibility of caring for an aging loved one, there is always help available. An in-home care worker can be hired for a few hours every week or even most days of the week, depending on what your family needs. This can lighten your caregiving load, as well as make sure that your loved one remains safe and independent.