A Reputable Elementary School Gives Your Child A Head Start

Teacher in a classroom with studentsGrowth and development in children is often influenced by their immediate neighborhoods. It’s advisable to put them in an environment that affords them the best chance to grow, develop, and enjoy every aspect of their journey.

Enrolling your kids in a reputable elementary school in Lancaster Cavite, namely St. Edward Integrated School, gives them a sound foundation. It makes the difference between having a peaceful and quiet time in the mornings and total bedlams. Kids can be impressionable, and if they don’t like the idea of going to school, it will be a challenge.

Proper child development

More than just teaching a child to learn, the perfect school environment also builds their emotional, social, and thinking skills. Kids get to engage in pretend play that encompasses lots of drama and fantasy, which is crucial in developing their thinking and imaginative skills.

By interacting with other children in the class, they learn how to be social and express their feelings. Well, structured playtime encourages them to think, speak and communicate with the teacher and other kids. At the end of the day, they get to build vocabularies and express their feelings in complete sentences.

Encourage the child to be independent

Playtime will improve a child’s fine motor skills, eventually leading them to be independent. Here is where they start to fight you when you insist on holding their hands when walking down the stair or attempt to tie their shoelaces. In addition to helping a child gain better control of their bodies, it also grows their interest in school.

A small task such as drawing a family portrait can tax their brain to no end. But when interspersed with other enjoyable activities, children tend to cope better and remember the fun stuff. It also makes them look forward to school days as they get to hang out with their friends.

The caliber of school that you enroll your young child in plays a considerable role in shaping their development as well as their attitude towards learning. So, you need to pick an elementary school that delivers on both fronts to give them a solid foundation in life.