A Complete Guide to Safe Product Shipment

Courier Delivering A PackageFrom 2012 to 2015, there were 104 recorded cargo theft incidents in Canada and the United States. These thefts coincided with the three-day Labour Day celebrations during which a large number of freight trucks were on the road to deliver consumer goods. The worth of stolen cargo amounted to $13.6 million.

In Australia, shippers face the same danger. If you are involved in a business where product shipment is a necessity, this news on cargo piracy should be a cautionary tale. And as with all cautionary tales, there is a lesson to understand here: the need for an aggressive attitude towards security.

Planning and Packaging

Safe product shipment starts from pre-delivery. First, you have to be mindful of the kind of product you are about to deliver. Are we talking about fragile items that require efficient cushioning? Or heavy items that require thick and sturdy boxes?

Although it is easy to get tempted to cut costs on materials, let us say choosing a cheaper box or more affordable composite straps, this can easily backfire. You can always get quality versions of these. Make sure to do enough research on the credentials of your considered carriers.

It pays to entrust your goods to only the most reliable shipment company. Lastly, think about labels. Is the information accurate? Is the typeface readable? Is the print suited for the long haul?


Once your products are on the road, the responsibility for their safety now transfers to the hands of your chosen carrier or in-house shipping personnel. Still, there are ways to ensure the security. Familiarise yourself with your carrier. Know who the drivers are, what routes they take, and which schedules they follow.

Participate in groups that share your shipment safety concerns such as Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CT-PAT) and the Cargo Security Council.


Make sure your shipping personnel are adept at delivery protocols. Both parties should duly sign shipment forms at all times.

Keeping your cargos safe is only a matter of anticipating possible worst-case scenarios. Thinking three steps ahead is what you must do.