4 Ways to Enjoy Your Japan Trip

View of Tokyo Tower at nightConsidering going on one of the many East and Southeast Asia adventure tours? Japan is one of the best places you can visit. Everything you can ever wish for in a travel destination is probably in there. Japan has one of the best and healthiest food. The culture is also interesting, with respect and dignity forming a core part of its traditions. Not to mention, the scenery in almost every region is stunning.

Here are some ways for you to enjoy your trip:

Be part of a Japan tour

Japan is not that big, but expect that you won’t be able to experience all the great tourist spots in just a few days. One way to enjoy the best ones is by going on a tour. Most of the stops in these tours are the most popular ones, as the itinerary has been carefully designed. It also lessens the burden for you in the preparations.

Learn a few Japanese words

Unfortunately, only a few people in Japan are fluent in English. You need to adjust and learn some Nihongo (Japanese) words yourself. If you want to pee and can’t find a public toilet, for instance, the question you need to learn and ask is, “Toilet wa doko desu ka? (Where is the toilet?)”

Remember to bring a lot of shopping money

Japan is a shopping haven. You may want to purchase gadgets, food, and even clothes in Tokyo and other big cities in Japan. Most of them are affordable so you will be able to bring a lot back home.

Read up on Japan

Before you go to Japan, you need to know enough about the country. Read up on it, including the cultures, tradition and other things you need to be sensitive about. Also, search for the things that you should do in there to experience the best that the country offers.

Japan is such a wonderful country to visit. There’s a lot to do that you’ll not experience in any other nation in the world.