3 Easy Ways to Create Stunning Accent Walls

Couple painting wallBold, neutral, or patterned, accent walls provide an instant focal point to any room. Most modern homes in cities like Toronto feature such visual elements not just for artistic purposes, but also for its impeccable function: creating a certain mood that influences the emotional impression of viewers.

Your walls are more than a foundation to your home. They are a blank canvas, which when decorated artistically, can be the perfect backdrop of your design. Consider these rules in creating accent walls:

1. Play with Colors

You can paint your walls in two basic ways: bold or neutral. The decision depends on the mood you want to create in the room and the colors of the nearby walls. You may want to go for bright, vibrant colors, such as orange and red if you wish people energized when they step inside the room (in living rooms, for example).

But if you want people to be relaxed, such as in the bedrooms, go for neutral colors, like off-white or gray. Such color schemes are better paired with white baseboard trim you can buy in Brampton stores such as Miskas Wood Products.

As mentioned, make sure that you take into consideration the colors of nearby walls as well. Accent walls work best if the walls closest to them have light to medium shades.

2. Think outside the Box

Accent walls aren’t just about paint and colors. Think about maximizing texture in the design. For instance, consider having a stone and tile accent wall. Having plenty of shelves can also define your blank canvas.

Or, you may want to put plenty of photos or artwork there. Different frame sizes can add variety and flair to it. The bottom line is you have to think outside paint colors. There are design pieces you can put on your walls, so take advantage of them.

3. Pick the Right Wall

There are walls better off without embellishments and rooms better off without accent walls. Your task is to find one that will improve aesthetic appeal. Areas in the house that don’t have defined architectural features are ideal rooms to have an accent wall.

Walls that occupy a large area in the room can be good accent walls because this is usually where the eyes land first.

Accent walls draw the viewer’s attention that it effortlessly commands aesthetic appeal. Color your walls for better interior design.