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The Growing Integration of Health Kits into Apple App Stores

Posted by on Sep 17, 2014 in Mind IT | Comments Off

The Growing Integration of Health Kits into Apple App Stores

man holding an iPhoneThe recent preview of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus created noise in the local and international markets. Even on social media, avid fans and critics alike were publishing comments and their own take on the new devices.

Apart from bigger screens, the tech giant surprised the market with a Health app, signifying a continuing Apple app development in integrating health kits.

An article from the Guardian, titled “Apple’s iPhone 6 Health App Could Become the New Family Nurse”, presents the features of the new app called HealthKit. According to experts, this software enables data information with other health and fitness apps. Consumers can also utilise the app when using the new Apple Watch, monitoring their heart rate and other chronic conditions.

Targeting Health Buffs

“Apple is positioning its Health app as the point of aggregation for all the user’s different health data, and Health Kit the development platform to enable that integration,” said Ping Identity Specialist in Identity Management, Paul Madsen. The expert added that “indications are that the health data will for the most part be collected by sensors (Nike+, Withings Scale, Fitbit Flex etc) of other wearable manufacturers.”

This strategy tells consumers to “stay away from the hardware for now” as producers can provide the services & software glue to tie all the existing hardware into some sort of cohesive whole.”

The Health-Conscious Trend

The integration of health kits into digital applications highlights the emerging trend of global consumers’ health-conscious tendencies.

Several industries, such as the U.S. and Australian food industries, experience a major shift as health conscious consumers change the landscape. These consumers go for organic meals, staying away from fast-food burgers and fries. A study from Roy Morgan research reveals a 10% growth of the vegetarian population as of June 2013. Some fitness centres and gyms also note an outstanding increase in memberships and enrolled applicants.

With the growing integration of health apps, Apple seems to take advantage of the on-going food industry shifts. Consumers can even expect more fitness applications in the coming days, as lean bodies and swollen muscles become the motivation of most gadget enthusiasts.

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Better an Empty House than a Bad Tenant: 5 Signs of a Good Renter

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Service and Reviews | Comments Off

Better an Empty House than a Bad Tenant: 5 Signs of a Good Renter

Some landlords are in such a hurry to get their units rented out that they tend to go ahead and let someone lease it right away. But no matter how badly you need the income, it’s important to take the time to find a good long-term tenant for your property.

apartmentA bad tenant can cost you a lot of money in terms of property damages and even legal fees, and the income you’ve received will suddenly go down the drain.

To prevent a person from wrecking your property and your credibility, make sure to screen them properly before you let them sign the lease. Listed below are some of the signs that you are looking at a good tenant.

Good References

A good tenant can always provide you with references. Make sure that you have a list of specific questions to ask when you call these references. Did this tenant pay the rent? Was the rent on time? Did this tenant take good care of the property? Does this tenant communicate well? Would you rent to this tenant again? These questions will help you avoid tricky renters who try to jump through your screening hoops.

No Eviction Records

A good tenant has a record free of evictions. If the potential tenant has an eviction record, make sure to ask what happened, and learn the circumstances and perspective of both the tenant and their previous landlord. If your property is located somewhere in California, a property manager specializing in rental homes in San Diego, for example, can help you with this. If the eviction seems like an isolated incident, you may still consider the tenant.

Good Credit History

A good tenant has a good credit history. This will let you know whether the potential they will pay their rent consistently and right on time. Make sure that the tenant has sufficient income or any other resources that will help them pay every month. You may still consider a tenant that has poor credit history if you discover that they’ve caused no problems to previous landlords.

Most importantly, it’s good to go with your gut. You can read the best application in the world, but an uneasy feeling is a sign of an uncomfortable relationship in the future. When you think about it, tenancy is really a commitment between the both of you.

Does it sound like marriage? Yes, but fortunately, it’s not!

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The Languages You Need for Your Website

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Mind IT | Comments Off

The Languages You Need for Your Website

A website is a necessity. Everyone’s running on the information highway, and getting left behind should not be one of your options. You realize that you need to keep up, but it’s always easier said and done.

computer expertBuilding a website doesn’t end in giving the developer and the designer your specifications. You need to have some amount of background knowledge to make your communication with your web developers and builders a whole lot easier and more productive. Knowing what to talk about will also prevent fraudsters and unprofessional companies from taking advantage of you. One important aspect you need to focus on is the language that will make your website work. Here’s an overview of these languages.

The Basics

Basic web development and design languages include HTML and CSS. HTML or HyperText Markup  Language creates the structure, the format or the order of the content on the website. It includes elements, such as the titles, headings, links and texts.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language usually paired with HTML. It is what tells the browser how the content formatted by HTML should appear. Keep in mind that these two languages are essential in creating a static webpage.

On Programming

There are other languages that can spruce up your website. These commonly include JavaScript, Java and PHP. JavaScript is basically the programming language that makes animations, games, applications and other dynamic features possible.

Java, on the other hand, is a server-side language. It’s ideal for websites that regularly receive high volumes of traffic. It’s also used in developing apps. PHP is also a server-side scripting language commonly used for file system and database interactions. One of the upsides of using PHP is that it’s open source, which means you can find systems that are compatible with it.

Other programming languages you may want to consult with your developer include Python and Ruby. Both are high-level programming languages that ensure conciseness and readability of the codes.

Knowing these languages gives you a number of benefits. First, it helps you make your web design and development plans a lot clearer. Second, it helps make your collaboration with the designer and the builder more efficient.

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Voice over Internet Protocol: Accessing Voice Communication Across the World

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Mind IT | Comments Off

Voice over Internet Protocol: Accessing Voice Communication Across the World

voip set upCommunication plays a vital part in every business industry and aspect of life. With the emergence of modern technology, the communication between two individuals or among groups of people has become much easier. Experts have developed the useful technology Voice over Internet Protocol.

In South Africa, VoIP providers designed the device to convert analog voice signals into digital data packets. This enables telephone calls to go through the Internet. The VoIP technology allows people to have a two-way communication using the Internet protocol. As the technology helps individuals transmit messages over the digital line across countries, it has provided many benefits, as well.

Cut-off Huge Expenses

The most useful advantage of VoIP is the cost-savings feature. Long-distance calls with telephone networks, especially from overseas, cost a lot of money. Using the standard telephone devices, communication line companies will charge calls per minute.

As VoIP utilises the Web as the medium, you will only have to pay for your monthly Internet bills. You do not have to limit your calls to reduce the charges as you will still pay the same amount no matter how long your calls take. Entrepreneurs find this very useful for the industry.

Multiple Communicators

Basically, only two persons can speak through the old phone. With VoIP, even groups of individuals can talk simultaneously in one line. The technology allows more people to communicate in a conference in real time. VoIP can handle more data as it compresses data packets during transmission.

Anyone can relatively talk from anywhere. Unlike the standard telephone, mobile phones are wireless, allowing you to talk even while walking.

Audiovisual Conversation

With the old telephone, you can only hear the voice of the person on the other line. As modern technology upgrades, you can now see who you are talking to. VoIP provides people with a better conversation and more personal chat. People do not need to ask for pictures anymore ,as they can see each other like they are just right in front of them.

Technology enhances the way people live. With better means of communication, people tend to be more productive. Being able to talk to someone with almost a limitless boundary is a good way for development, whether it is personal or professional.

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No to Infestation: Starting a Pest Control Business

Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in Service and Reviews | Comments Off

No to Infestation: Starting a Pest Control Business

pest control expertPest infestation is a big problem in the US. From bed bugs to rodents, these critters force residential and commercial properties to look for services to solve this problem. Entrepreneur.com revealed that pest control is a profitable business venture due to the high demand, generating $75,000 annually. If you’re planning to enter the pest control industry, you should prepare for the following:

Type of Service

This depends on what problems are common in your area. For instance, bed bug infestation in Utah is high, so specializing in bed bugs is a good way to get more clients. General pest control services involve annual maintenance with the use of chemicals and traps to keep properties safe from bugs and rodents, while extermination of ants, roaches, and spiders is for specific services.

The Operations

Decide whether you should rent an establishment or go independent with your extra space at home. As a start-up, the size of your office shouldn’t be the main concern. Draft a plan on how you’ll receive and accept service requests, monitor daily operations, and keep up with the demands of your clients. Try using programs like pest control software to keep track of your business.

Legal Requirements

A business license is necessary to start operations, as you’ll need it to get your local business certificate and employer identification number. Contact the Department of Agriculture or the nearest regulation office to apply for a pest control license. Visit the office of the Department of Revenue for a sales tax license as well.

Accreditation Advantage

Listing your pest control business with Angie’s List or Better Business Bureau gives you the opportunity to increase your reputation. As these are among the most trusted business listing sites in the US, clients feel safe when hiring services from those who passed their standards.

Starting a pest control business may be overwhelming, but with careful planning and the necessary licenses, you’ll have a good start. All you need is to look for all the help you can get to improve and support its operations.

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Ways to Prevent Termites from Entering Your Home

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Ways to Prevent Termites from Entering Your Home

termiteHome ownership is a major responsibility and involves many different obligations. Many come to realize that it’s not exactly the walk in the park they thought it would be, especially once things like pest problems start coming up. You spent a great deal of money to make this dream a reality, so it is important to prevent termites from ever invading your home.

Below is a brief discussion from U.S. Termite & Moisture Control on how to prevent termites from damaging your home:

Regular Termite Inspections

First things first; get in touch with a pest control expert to assess your home and see if there is anything that makes your house susceptible to pest infestation. Some of the things to look out for include excess moisture and wood-to-ground contact that can be favorable to termite activity.

Determine Preventative Treatments

Determine what to do to prevent termites from entering your home according to the materials used to build the structure. You may need direct wood treatments, preventative termite treatments, or bait and monitoring systems.

Remove Access

Wood-to-ground contact is one of the most common ways for subterranean termites to enter your home. Reduce wood-to-ground contact as much as possible and treat wood with termiticide to keep termites at bay. Seal gaps around gas and water lines to eliminate possible entry points.

Diminish Food Sources

Don’t attract termites by throwing away extra cellulose materials around your home. Replace your landscaping mulch with cellulose-free substitutes and allow six inches of distance from your foundation. Moreover, see to it that wooden sidings are six inches above the ground or more.

Lessen Moisture

Don’t let water accumulate on your roof and around your home’s foundation to avoid moisture. Address moisture problems in the crawlspace and basement areas as soon as possible. Fix any faulty gutters, leaks, and dripping air conditioner condensation lines.

Prevention is better than cure, so take extra care of your home to avoid termites from ever entering. Dealing with termites early on will save you from troubles and extra expenses. Always hire an expert to help you avoid termites from overrunning your property.

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The Enigma of a Land Package Community

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The Enigma of a Land Package Community

Many people don’t seem to notice, but different living areas encourage different lifestyles. Living in a condominium is different from living in the suburbs or in an apartment. Each mode of living has its own unique circumstances, but there’s a steadily rising interest in land packages. It’s another different style of living, but does have anything new?

condominiumWhen it comes to the more established living modes, the differences are much easier to spot. Finding these differences allows buyers to accurately gauge if the property is for them, and anticipate any adjustments.

Land packages offer a different challenge for many homeowners, because the developers are trying to build a community from the ground up – literally. That kind of careful coordination of properties is reminiscent of what building strategists use in designing condominiums. Industry authority The Hunt Club explained that developers today design their properties to look more familiar to the average buyer, and the result looks similar to a suburb.

In this respect, land packages present both similarities and differences to other living styles that it’s difficult to prepare for them in just one way. Many promoters like to combine the positive selling points of whatever buyers think land packages look like. They can sell a lot with the convenience of a condominium complex, with the privacy of a suburban home.

An unbiased look at the positives and negatives of each similar lifestyle may give people a better picture what it would be like to live in a land package community. First, condominiums are definitely not popular for space, and most of them are marketed towards young professionals who want to get everywhere quickly. Suburbs are almost the complete opposite; space is paramount, but some prefer the city’s surroundings.

The balance of space and time is something that land package buyers need to consider carefully. How far is the development from the nearest CBD by car? Are the properties arranged in such a way to make the commute easier? Until more people try the lifestyle for themselves, the answers to these questions will remain a mystery.

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