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Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Laser System

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Choosing the Right Mirror for Your Laser System

Mirrors are important for laser systems, whether in the industrial, construction, or mining and tunneling industry, as these are ideal for collection, delivery, and general light routing. Not just any mirror will do. It needs to be durable with low scatter quality and high efficiency. Buying the right type might be difficult, as you need to look into the following specifications:

laser diffractionAngle of Incidence

Lasertoolsco.com explains that mirrors should offer a high-level of reflective range. Metal coatings are equally reflective by nature, while dielectric coatings need interference between layers of reflections. If you’re planning to buy a mirror for routing, you should choose designs with a 45-degree automated optical inspection (AOI) at single laser wavelengths. AOI ensures that mirrors offer a good performance.

Coating Type

Identify the bandwidth and wavelength of the mirror you’re planning to buy. Mirrors are made of different coatings. Some might offer transmitted wave front error, damage threshold, and high reflectivity features, while others don’t.

If you’re planning to buy mirrors with a deposit of metal coating on its glass substrate, you’ll get a broadband spectral performance. It’s cost-effective and is insensitive to angles and polarization. Aluminum has good reflectivity at ultraviolet and other visible wavelengths, though its durability can be an issue. Bare aluminum and silver are prone to scratches, but you can protect these with an overcoat.

Bandwidth of Operation

Choose the right coating material and thickness to guarantee a durable and abrasion-resistant reflective mirror. The bandwidth you’ll need depends on the wavelengths, including the stability and repeatability, of the laser you’re going to use. The coating density and durability is also important, as these promote high damage threshold and low pinhole defects on the coated surface.

A wide range of mirrors is available for different applications, so don’t be confused. Know what lasers you’re going to use and how you’ll use them to find the right type that’s suitable for your operations.


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FCA Compliance: Keeping Up With FCA Regulations

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FCA Compliance: Keeping Up With FCA Regulations

fca consultantsIt is not always easy to remain up-to-speed with FCA regulations, but independent audits, reviews and consultancy can ensure continued FCA compliance.

Follow the Rules

If you are providing financial services in the UK, chances are you need to be authorised with the FCA. Being authorised doesn’t mark the end of the process, however. Once authorised, the FCA will periodically monitor your conduct, making sure that your business operations follow current legislations and regulations. According to scottrobert.co.uk, firms need an FCA appointed representative. These firms need to make sure they continually comply with regulations and with FCA rules. This can all be a bit scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The safest way to ensure compliance is to seek the services of independent consultants who can audit and review your operations in line with FCA regulatory requirements.

Get Advice from Consultants

As an FCA authorised business, you remain responsible for compliance with FCA rules. While consultants can offer advice on FCA compliance, it is not they, but you, who will be accountable to the FCA. Consequently, it is worth seeking consultancy services – whether they are audits or advisory services – from trusted, experienced and reliable experts.

FCA authorised firms can be subjected to inspections at short notice, and as such, it is worth implementing a comprehensive and thoroughgoing set of reviews, audits and compliance checks with a trusted consultant. The FCA is constantly updating and modifying their requirements with regular updates to their rulebook. Ensuring sustained FCA compliance is no easy task, but it can be maintained with the support of expert compliance advice.

Enlist Regular Audits

The best advice is simply to enlist regular audits with trusted consultants. They can offer advice on the treatment of customers, transparency, sales practices, training, competence and data protection. The best consultants offer bespoke services, tailored to individual firms (based on size and remit). With FCA compliance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some consultants are better than others. It is recommended that you employ consultants who promise and deliver a comprehensive service. Maintaining compliance with FCA requirements requires regular audits and reviews and, more importantly, far-reaching implementation of the recommendations from these audits. Good consultants don’t just tell you what the regulations are, but they also help you design your operations in line with the requirements of regulation.

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Short Term or Permanent Letting: Which is A Better Option?

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Short Term or Permanent Letting: Which is A Better Option?

More people are investing in management rights because of the significant profits one is very likely to make. The returns from these types of business are recurring, making financial stability possible for property investors – something that can be hard to find in other business environments.

property keysA management rights business enables you to let your buildings. You could choose between short term letting or permanent letting to make a profit. Government agency FairTrading.qld.gov.au, along with companies like ResortBrokers.com.au explain the difference between these two options:

Short Term Letting

Short term letting appeals to many property owners because of its significant rental return. Such an agreement dictates higher rates for short term accommodations compared to long term or permanent rentals. There are also additional earning streams available for providing extra services such as cleaning, maintenance, linen change, and others.

This type of management rights business works best for those in the corporate and tourism industries. If you choose to operate under short term letting guidelines, be prepared to promote your property. Marketing and advertising skills are also necessary for this type of management rights business.

Permanent Letting

This type of management rights business involves a significant effort in terms of caretaking. Responsibilities include finding and keeping good tenants, collecting rent, and maintaining the property. Compared to short term letting, this style of business demands less from the property owner. This also creates a reliable steady source of income, as tenants usually stay for six months or more.

It may have lower rental returns, but the need for advertising and marketing is less compared to short term let properties. The main responsibility of the manager is to make sure units are occupied. It is important to forge strong relationships with tenants to ensure occupancy for several months.

Weigh the pros and cons of the two options before choosing a style of management rights business. If you are service-oriented, short term or holiday lettings could work well for you. If you have administrative skills, however, permanent or long term letting may be the better option.

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5 Kitchen Design Blunders that Make Cooking Frustrating

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5 Kitchen Design Blunders that Make Cooking Frustrating

inside a kitchenWhen building or remodeling a kitchen, many people get too caught up in the various cosmetic choices. They spend hours getting the perfect tiles or deciding on cabinets, and then end up making mistakes that get in the way of cooking. With time, minor inconveniences, such as getting a refrigerator that opens the wrong way will become very frustrating.

InspirationalKitchensByDesign.com states that designing a kitchen is a balancing act between style and function. If you want to get it right, here are some things you need to avoid.

1. Inefficient storage – One mistake that many end up committing is not putting enough thought into their storage. Most people know enough to store items close to where they will use them, but they usually forget to factor in weight.

Place the heaviest items near waist or shoulder level; this will prevent stretching or bending to pick them up. Generally, the lighter an item is, the more you can afford to place them in hard to reach areas. Of course, the things you use every day should be immediately accessible.

2. Penny-pinching on appliances – You don’t need to get the latest and the best, but what you need today might be very different from what you’ll need a few years from now. This is especially true for families with growing children. Spending a little extra for a larger refrigerator or dishwasher is usually a solid investment. Plan for the future, and you’ll end up saving more in the long run.

3. Forgetting the kitchen triangle – Good kitchen designs always start with the work triangle, composed of the refrigerator, sink, and cooking area. This arrangement makes every step of the cooking process smooth and efficient, regardless of your kitchen size.

4. Obstructive islands – Kitchen islands are very versatile and can greatly enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, but they can also get in your way. Make sure that your island doesn’t block your access to any part of the kitchen triangle; otherwise you’ll waste time and energy going around it every time you need something.

5. Tiny countertops – Insufficient space to work on is an incredibly annoying problem, and one that will significantly slow down your cooking. This is one of the harder problems to fix, so make sure that you get it right in the design phase.

Another thing you should remember is to actively prevent appliance creep, which is the accumulation of small appliances on your countertop. Either keep these appliances out of the way, or better yet, buy only what you really need.

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The Aging Nose: Is Your Nose Making You Look Older?

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The Aging Nose: Is Your Nose Making You Look Older?

The nose is the most prominent part of the human face. It is what creates facial balance and cohesionof all facial features. The nose, however, can also throw off the harmony of the face and be distracting if it’s too big or too small.


As the nose is central to the face, it greatly affects how other features are integrated. If it is not symmetrical to your other features, the nose can create an illusion of an older appearance. This is especially true if it is longer and the tip begins to droop.

The Case of a Drooping Nose

The nose elongates as you age, and aging causes the thinning of the soft tissue and loss of elasticity. The most frequent noticeable change is the dropping of the tip down inward towards the face, unmasking the bone above. This causes a relative hump on the bridge and begins to cover the upper part of the lip. The loss of bone near the upper teeth and jaw, along with the drooping tip, reduces the angle of the nose.

Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty is an ideal solution to change the overall appearance of your aging nose. Apart from making your nose symmetrical with your facial features, it can also clear an obstructed nasal airway. Many rhinoplasty Los Angeles clinics perform nose jobs along with a facelift or aging face surgery.

Nose Exercise to Defy Aging

Younger looking noses are those that point up just a bit but don’t show much nostril. The bridge of the nose should be smooth and straight so that it matches the front view. Apart from rhinoplasty, facial exercise can also give your nose a youthful appearance.

Carole Maggio, the author of Facercise, suggests trying the nose shortener exercise to shorten the length of the nose and raise the dropping tip. In this exercise, you need to push the tip of your nose upward using your index finger and thumb. At the same time, flex your nose down against the resistance by your index finger.

You can’t prevent your nose from dropping entirely, but you can minimize it with facial exercise and rhinoplasty. Avoiding the sun and smoking, and using the right skin care products can also defy signs of aging.

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Only in Perth: Unique Tourist Spots in WA

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Only in Perth: Unique Tourist Spots in WA

Rottnest IslandApart from the easy-going and laidback vibe, and wonderful weather, Perth is home to many urban attractions and informal surroundings. As the westernmost city in the nation, Perth has plenty of unique attractions you won’t find anywhere else.

With the help of ExperiencePerth.com, CBHStays.com.au lists some of the best tourist spots in Western Australia’s capital:

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island boasts picturesque sceneries, stunning marine life, and some of the world’s best beaches and crystal bays. It is a tiny island situated just off the coast of Perth and is popular for swimming, diving, and surfing. The diversity of coral species and fish make the island a favourite spot for snorkelers and divers.

One of the best things about Rottnest Island is the absence of cars on the road. Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation and are available for rent at the ferry terminals. The island also offers plenty of land-based activities such as a guided walk tours and golf challenges on the Rottnest Island Country Club.


Rockingham is a popular tourist destination with stunning beaches and beautiful environmental parks. The city lets you enjoy swimming with the wild dolphins or seeing the little sea lions and penguins. Rockingham is also home to the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, which features secluded sandy bays and colourful corals.

Adventure seekers can go to the Safety Bay to try windsurfing or paddle boarding. For a more relaxing visit, visitors can head to the Rockingham Beach. This swimming spot is perfect for families and is excellent for snorkelling.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley is the oldest and most visited wine region in Western Australia. There are over 150 places to wine and dine, and choices include award-winning restaurants and distilleries. At Swan Valley, you can explore the 32km Food and Wine Trail, which takes you through more than 40 wineries, cafes and roadside stalls. You can also take a boat cruise along the Swan River or visit many art galleries and studios.

Swan Valley is the perfect destination for food lovers. With so many restaurants, visitors can surely widen their food knowledge and experience. The valley is also home to companies making nougat, coffee, chocolate, honey, and ice cream.

These are just a few of the best unique attractions in Perth. Be sure to book a beach cottage or family apartment to explore the city’s stunning beaches and popular tourist attractions.

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All Eyes On You: 5 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Eyeglasses

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All Eyes On You: 5 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Eyeglasses

woman wearing eye glassesMost girls who wear glasses find it so difficult to look their best when there’s something covering half their face. Specs should never steal from the beauty of your face. Here’s the good news—makeup can make all the difference.

With the help of the following tips and tricks, you can look your best in your specs:

Adjust Your Makeup According to Your Frames

For Eyes Only echoes tips from publications like Glamour and say that every time you change your glasses, your whole look changes with it—sometimes, this means you also have to change your makeup style. Choose your frame first. This way, you will be able to see what type of makeup will work best.

Your Eyes Can Stay Neutral

Keep your eye makeup neutral if you wear glasses daily. Your specs will save you from all the hassle of putting on some eye shadow. Your frames will actually just hide those bright colours.

However, staying neutral doesn’t mean you have to go makeup free. Put emphasis on your eyes with an eye or gel liner, as glasses blur the shape of your eyes. Waterproof makeup is your best friend; it will help avoid smudging the lens.

Use Bold Colours for Your Lips

If you want to look fashionable even with glasses covering the upper half of your face, use a bright and bold colour on your lips. Do not try to put all the colours on your eyes; instead, save the pinks, violets, and reds for your kissers. It will make all the difference, and will make you look elegant without trying too hard. Also, bold lipstick is especially gorgeous for those who use thick-framed glasses.

Groom and Define Your Brows

Eyeglasses help frame the face and tend to draw extra attention to the brows, so make sure they look fabulous. Comb them upward, shape them well, and apply a luminous highlighter for a nice arch above your specs. If you cannot do it yourself and are afraid of possibly having hideous and uneven eyebrows, the best thing to do is go to a professional.

Your eyeglasses are already a big statement on your pretty face, so always remember to keep your makeup simple and natural-looking.

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