A Complete Guide to Safe Product Shipment

From 2012 to 2015, there were 104 recorded cargo theft incidents in Canada and the United States. These thefts coincided with the three-day Labour Day celebrations during which a large number of freight trucks were on the

Millennials: The High-Enders

Millennials, the market that every brand wants to attract because they are growing to be highest-earners in the world. But Millennials are playing their own game. They love the high-end but not necessarily the luxury brands. Falling

Enter the Dragon of Automation: AI

As of February 2017, the Institute of Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) in New York has and renamed itself IRPA AI, expanding its focus on you guessed it – artificial intelligence. Its founder Frank Caale noted that intelligent

Effective Ways to Minimise Cargo Damage

Transporting cargo from one place to another is a risky job. As the carrier, you have a huge responsibility to the shipper and the consignee. You have to ensure that the goods arrive safely and in pristine

Start a Successful Shipping Operation in the Competitive Market with 3 Simple Secrets

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for goods and services. From machinery and computers to food and clothing items, the volume of global trade is at an all-time high. Such developments spell good news

Underwater Building Plans Advance in Virginia and Macau

Underwater construction became possible ever since technology like that of uccdive.com allowed people to build infrastructure below the ground and sea level. In Virginia, officials of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel have selected three bids for the construction of a

Work-Travel Lifestyle: Make the Most of Your Gap Year

You haven’t fully lived until you’ve traveled. And travel is more accessible than ever. You get to learn other cultures, expand your horizons, pick up basic foreign languages, develop life skills, and gain new experiences. However, finances

Simple Hacks to Finance Your Dream Vacation

Going on a vacation does not only refresh the mind, but it also rejuvenates the body as you relax and embrace the nature. Some people create time for this on a yearly basis or as frequently as

Essential Things Homeowners Must Know About Metal Roofing

Durability and reliability are two of the qualities that make metal roofing popular in America. It’s a low-maintenance choice and lauded by environmentalists as “green” or eco-friendly. This type of roof is the most energy efficient. It helps

2 Things to Watch Out for When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

In a blistering hot summer or an icicle freezing winter, having an air conditioning unit that works makes life bearable, even comfortable. Nevertheless, like most electrical items, these units are susceptible to wear and tear, which not

Tips on How to Pack Sensibly Before Moving Overseas

You are moving abroad! Are you spending a lot of time calculating the cost of living in a foreign country you will soon call your home? It is well and good that you look into financial matters

The Dawn of Retail-Sized Medical Clinics

Burgeoning medical clinics simply cannot keep a small office. People will continue to get sick, the ill can get worse and there is always room for improvement when it comes to healing people. All of these equate

The Causes and Effects of Downtime and Why it Matters

Despite advancements in workflow infrastructures, systems, and methods, many businesses still experience the occasional downtime. Whether the interruptions are short or long, any stoppages will have massive effects on your organisation. Some companies, especially those that use

Start Early: Child Programmes Make Kids Better Citizens

Early childhood enrichment programs are good foundations of learning. The Ministry of Education (MOE) of Singapore believes that preschool education builds a strong start for children’s future learning. It is also an advocacy in other parts of

Do Humanities Matter to Humans?

Art, music, dance, history, literature, communication—these disciplines are distinct from one another, but they actually fall under one umbrella concept. Together, they constitute what we collectively know as humanities. Sure enough, the collective aspect of these facets