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Thanks for the Memories: 4 Creative Ways to Record Your Travel Adventures

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Travel and Tours | Comments Off

Thanks for the Memories: 4 Creative Ways to Record Your Travel Adventures

travel recordedTraveling is not just for fun. It is also a great way to experience new things more meaningful than anything else can. You will learn a lot when you visit different places; not just about yourself and other life lessons, but also the beauty of the world.

As a result, you can become more involved with the things around you. This is the reason recording your adventures is necessary to keep track of exciting and interesting things in your life.

Make a Martha-Stewart Style Scrapbook

This is a wonderful way to immortalize your photographs if you are feeling crafty. It’s a great idea to take inspiration from Martha Stewart’s scrapbook tips and techniques, as she is the DIY Queen in the eyes of many. In your travel scrapbook, you can include maps, postcards, receipts, wrapper of chocolates or even flowers. They can be great keepsakes that will let you look back and re-experience activities you had away from home.

Capture Your Activities in Minutes

GoPro cameras are the perfect travel companion for many. The gadget can take stunning, wide angle, HD footage in good lighting conditions. Whether you go skydiving, surfing or skiing, a GoPro can record your every move and make lasting memories. You can attach it to a helmet, surfboard, and other equipment that has mounts and pivots.

It’s undeniable that new technologies have changed the way how everyone records their experiences. As there are many high quality GoPro cameras for sale, dslrpros.com says it’s best to choose one that provides amazing features. With a bit of practice, you can get incredible photos that were once only reserved for professionals.

Create a Vlog

Tell an amazing story about your vacation with a video. Through vlogging, you can talk about the people of the place, make a review of the restaurants or record videos of your daily activities. Treat every video like a diary entry. Just keep your posts short, concise, and of course, honest. Don’t forget to have a personalized hashtag for your journeys.

Get a Tattoo

If you are feeling daring and extreme, why not get a tattoo that will remind you of the place you visited? Whether it’s a small Eiffel Tower on your wrist or Merlion on your ankle, having a tattoo is a great way to remember your favorite places.

Not sure where to begin? Let this article guide you in making your travel memories last.

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Too Much Light Can Ruin Your Sleep

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Too Much Light Can Ruin Your Sleep

darker bedroomAccording to researchers, too much light while sleeping could become a hurdle and disrupt sound sleep. It can interfere with a good night’s rest and even increase the risk of sleep disorders and other health problems.
Read on to learn more about how light and darkness affects your sleep and health:

The Darkened Room

Sleeping in a dark room is recommended as it promotes better and more refreshing sleep patterns. You should turn all light sourced off and stop using electronic gadgets to encourage healthy rest. If you are sleeping during the daytime, it is best to use thick curtains or vertical blinds. Perth sleep experts suggest that these can create a darkened sleeping environment and help you drift off easily.

The Effect of Lights

The body produces a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin in preparation for sleep. Light sources, however, suppresses the production of melatonin. Even a small amount of light causes negative effects on your sleep and wake cycle. It can delay the onset of sleep by about 30 minutes, making you sleepy later in the evening the following night.

The Amplifying Effect of Décor

Apart from the rising amount of indoor and outdoor light, new decor trends have aggravated the problem. Light wall paint and wallpaper are in and most bedrooms today have larger windows. It is important to evaluate your bedroom design and figure out how to make it darker. If you need to use curtains and blinds to block light sources, be sure to use quality products.

Promoting Restful Nights

Take care of your sleep environment by paying more attention to how it looks and feels. Promote restful nights by decluttering your room and arranging the furniture in a way that feels comfortable. Keep electronics out to avoid distractions and choose colours that elicit warmth and tranquillity. Choose blankets, colours, and other bedroom décor that are relaxing.

A good night’s sleep depends on the visual condition of your bedroom. Be sure to make your room as dark as possible to avoid any disruptions. A darker room can keep your body in sleep mode until it is time to wake up.

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Do Robots Have a Place in Metalworking?

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Do Robots Have a Place in Metalworking?

robotsRobots are amazing – there’s just no denying that. We’ve seen them do cool stuff in the movies. There are the adventures of C-3PO and R2-D2 with Anakin and the rest of the Star Wars gang, not to mention Optimus Prime’s battles against Megatron and the Decepticons.

We are still years away before humanoid robots become a mainstay in everyday life, though. The world’s best bet at the moment is Honda’s Asimo, but even that still needs further development.

The good news is that companies continue to develop the field, and that there’s no need to wait for humanoid robots for the field to be useful. At the moment, robots help in different industries – from automotive to food and beverages. So far, these machines prove they have a place in the manufacturing world, even in specialized trades like metalworking.

The current role of industrial robots is to automate certain aspects of the production process. In metalworking, its most notable function is work handling. For one, current robots can pick up and load parts onto different machines and stations. Surely these robots can do more in the future.

So far, robots prove to be highly beneficial for industries. ServiceSteel.com says steel tubing distributors – and other businesses, for that matter – can save thousands of dollars every year with the help of robots. Indeed, when there are machines and automatons to handle most of the work, it’s pretty easy to cut down on costs.

So to answer the question on the title, it’s a yes. Robots have a place in metalworking, and these machines have proven that. What’s even better is that the trend would continue, which would make machining, milling, and all those processes more efficient. If market predictions hold true, the robotics market would become a USD 41 billion industry by 2020.

The robots we know of today are enough to speed up the production process and lower costs. Nonetheless, the craft has a lot more potential to it. With enough developments, robotics could just prove its integral role in the future of the world’s industries.

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For a Rustic Home Design: Adding Interest to Your Home Décor with Wood

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For a Rustic Home Design: Adding Interest to Your Home Décor with Wood

Rustic Home DesignDecorating a home is an exciting project. Just because you live in a small home does not mean it can’t be attractive and breathtaking. With smart planning and creativity, you can create a sanctuary in your small space.

If you want to change the look and feel of your home, you may want to try a rustic home design. With its touches of vintage, minimalism, and nature, many people are in love this style. Let this article guide you in effectively using wood for décor.

Wood Floors

Update the flooring of your living room to freshen up the space. Forget the traditional white tiles and choose something more dramatic, like wood. You can go for engineered hardwood, solid or exotic wood floors. Florida hardwood flooring companies note that with proper care, these types of flooring can last for a lifetime.

Rustic Wine Rack

You can give your kitchen a new life by adding a wood wine rack. This is a creative way to decorate with this natural material. Imagine it as an accessory for your wall. The brown color can give your space an airy lift.

Wood Headboard

This can give your bedroom a beautiful country look. The great thing about a wood headboard is that it’s a lot easier to do than you may think. With thoughtful planning and thorough research, you can create your own rustic-chic headboard.

Rustic Room Divider

Save those old wooden doors and panels, then repurpose them as a room divider. A wall placed between the kitchen and living room, for instance, is a great idea for privacy. Do an extensive research to know how you can make them full walls. Be sure you fasten the room dividers to the ceiling and floor securely.

It’s time to go big when it comes to updating the design of your home. For a new look this winter season, try these easy and budget-friendly tips.

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Who Run the World: Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for Women

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Who Run the World: Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for Women

Highest Paying JobsWhile men still dominate many industries, there are several career paths where women not only make up a big percentage of the workforce—they excel and earn big bucks doing it.

So, whether you’re still in school figuring out what career to pursue or on the hunt for something new, exciting, and high-paying, here is a roundup of the absolute best jobs for women out there:

Nurse (Average: $1,034/week)

The nurse’s job is primarily to provide patient care in hospitals, clinics, schools, and even in prisons. They also provide patient education, as well as physical and emotional support for patients and families.

To become a nurse, you can pursue a four-year degree in nursing, get an associate’s degree, or attend an accredited nursing program. You should also pass the national licensing exam.

CEO (Average: $1,464/week)

Chief executives are the ones who oversee, plan, and coordinate the operations of a company. Their job is to make sure companies meet their primary goals. They work for both public and private sector industries.

Generally, CEOs earn the highest out of all management positions, but they work for extremely long hours and hold the biggest responsibility for the company.

Doctor (Average: $1,527/week)

With the aging population, health care jobs like this are booming. There are many types of doctors, from family practitioners to high earning specialists, such as plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists, but there’s a particular need for general practitioners.

If you want to become a doctor, you need grueling years of training with undergraduate education, med school, and residency with reputable schools like Roseman.edu.

Health Care Technology Manager (Average: $1,596/week)

This career hits the sweet spot between two rapidly rising fields: health care and IT. You’ll manage patient records and create databases.

This job is still uncommon, so the competition is slim while the demand is big. You’ll need a degree in software development, programming, or health care with tech skills on the side.

Pharmacist (Average: $1,898/week)

Pharmacists are those who manage and dispense medications to patients. They also offer advice on medication usage.

Most pharmacists work in drug stores and grocery pharmacies, while others work in hospitals and other clinical settings. If you want to be a pharmacist, you must earn a degree and a license.

Nurse, CEO, doctor, health care technology manager, and pharmacist—that’s where it’s at for women. While someone somewhere (often on the Internet) always reminds everyone the men are still paid more than women, it’s reassuring to see successful women in these top tiers.

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4 Lofty Ideas to Maximise Loft Space

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4 Lofty Ideas to Maximise Loft Space

loft conversionLofts are some of the most under appreciated spaces in homes across the United Kingdom. In most cases, homeowners use them as storage for old or broken furniture that are just lying around unused.It does not have to be this way, though, because you can convert the space into a liveable area. Make your loft more valuable by means of a conversion.

Loft conversions require careful planning and designing. Although it is possible to get it done yourself, it is still better to get help from conversion professionals to help you with the project. According to loft conversion experts in Surrey, there are various factors to consider, and it all depends on how you intend to use the renovated space.

Take a look at following creative ideas to help you get started:
Office/ Study Area

The loft is the perfect place for a home office or study area as it distances you from the usual distractions found at home. You can be more productive and produce better work in your converted loft. Ask a conversion professional about which type is ideal for your home office.


You can use the loft if you do not have enough space for your dream home theatre. You can setup the space with theatre essentials and have a wonderful theatre experience in the comfort of your own home.


It is easy to get in shape when you have the right equipment at home. Use the loft as your home gym and stay active without leaving the front door; you can also use the space for yoga or meditation activities.

Extra Bedroom

Finally, you can convert the loft into an extra bedroom for guests. It is a great idea particularly if you welcome visitors often. They can enjoy privacy and feel welcomed at the same time.

Lofts can improve the aesthetic and functional value of your home. By knowing how to use the extra space, you can maximise its benefits and boost the standards of home living.

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Don’t Blame the Book

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Don’t Blame the Book

reading booksThe one thing kids seem to be indifferent about school more than anything else are textbooks. Textbooks are often the heaviest thing in a child’s bag. Some cost a lot of money, and never travel alone. In some unfortunate instances, there are teachers who even try not to use textbooks in their lessons to keep their students engaged.

This isn’t the best attitude to approach textbooks, as a child’s attitude towards reading starts from their engagement at school. Something needs to change for textbooks to become a student’s reliable partner in education. Fortunately, many companies are researching new ways of presenting textbooks. Educational resources publisher R.I.C. Publications notes that these efforts will present fresh and interesting ways to encourage students and teacher alike to incorporate them more effectively into the lessons.

Book Random

Research suggests that the more creative information is presented, the easier it is to register. This isn’t anything new, but what they add to the mix is the fact that presenters should add randomness to make the information more memorable. This strategy seems to work best with younger audiences.

The random tactic works by introducing an element from the textbook and spontaneously have willing members of the class do something with it. Not only does this develop an interest in the lesson, it promotes an attitude within the classroom that learning can be fun. It gets rid of the notion that using textbooks is a static mode of learning; it only becomes stagnant if the teacher makes it so.

Book Pace

Another roadblock most teachers find with using textbooks is that they seem to cram information into a student’s mind without letting them process it first. The attitude only stems from the pace of the curriculum that rewards students who finish their tasks quickly. Change this mindset by giving student’s control of the lesson. Let them dictate the pace; the books are merely there to help them along.

The people take control of the lessons not the books, so there’s really no reason to place the blame solely on the instruments.

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